What does your mouth say?

We can say plenty of things using our mouths, but did you know that our mouth it self can tell alot about us even if we did not say a single word? The health of someones mouth provide the dentist plenty of information. Like clues about the health of the body. Its also been know that diseases such as diabetes may first being to show signs in the mouth. Most recent studies have provided a link between Heart disease and periodontal disease.

There are several key indicator in the mouth that could be caused by oral-health issues including gums that are tender, swollen, or bleed when brushed of flossed. In more severe cases the gums back begin to pull away from the teeth this is called recession. When the gum starts to recede away from the tooth. This can cause the teeth to become loose and over time could even cause them to fall out. Consistent bad breath can also serve as an indicator of illness.

While issues of oral health may not always be indicators of a more serious condition overall. We believe that your health is very important and for that we will alert you of any signs in your mouth and if necessary even refer you to a physician when necessary.